I have an interest in ethnobotanical studies especially Australian medicinal native plants and essential oils, and have worked with a mid coast NSW Aboriginal Land Council in the development of a local essential oil industry.

In 1986 through to 1990 undertook formal study in plant Alchemy ie Spagyrics with the Paracelsus college in Melbourne, the course was free.

I have traveled to the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, USA many times to study the traditional Lakota use of medicinal herbs with several medicine men as well as learning Lakota ceremony, have undertaken 4 vision quests and have earned the right to lead a Sweat Lodge (Inipi). I have many good friends there.

I am extremely concerned about the condition of under graduate herbal education in Australia, there is an over emphasis on evidence based medicine (EBM0 and an under emphasis on traditional practice.  Did not renew my membership with the NHAA as a protest because I have no interest in seminars where PhDs who don’t practice tell those who do how to practice.