Treatment involves several aspects depending on your needs.

1. Generally patients are required to email prior to the first appointment, contact details, birth date, weight etc along with medical history and concurrent health concerns.  This will be reviewed prior to the first appointment and expedites the process.

2. Assessment of the nervous system. For this I use either a hand held Scenar or PhysioKey device that takes numerical reading down your spine and either side of the spine.  From the pattern in the numbers I can assess how dynamic or adaptable your nervous system is as well as the balance between the two arms of the autonomic nervous, the sympathetic and parasympathetic.  Without balance of the two arms it is extremely difficult to maintain or return to health.

3. If necessary a biofeedback scan can be preformed.  This requires you to lie quietly on a treatment table for approximately 45 minutes whilst frequencies are passed painlessly into your body and any stress that this may cause to your body (which you can’t consciously feel but your body does).  The stress is detected by a heart  rate monitor which is recorded by a computer program and later these same frequencies can be used to heal your body.

4. Once a complete energetic picture of your health is established and energy treatment given, couples with your case history  herbal medicines and nutritional supplement may be prescribed.