Image 1. This patient is 26 years of age with Lyme disease. The protocol seen involves the use of a physiokey to analyse the state of the autonomic nervous system. She also received direct & remote Rife frequency treatment following this procedureas well as herbal medicines. See Testimonials.

Image 3. Mother & son, highly stressed. There are 3 other children all under 6 years of age. Treatment for the stress first involved using the Physiokey device to calm the nervous system then calming frequencies are now being transmitted to both bodies. They look happy now. See Testimonials.

Image 2. This patient is 39 years of age and has a bacterial infection. She is being treated concurrently with a Silver Iontophoresis Stimulator you can see the device placed on the patients chest. You will also notice a tens pad on the right wrist, out of view is another tens pad on the left ankle. These pads are transmitting antibacterial frequencies into the patients body. Treatment duration 2 hours, appropriate herbal medical were also prescribed.