Rob is a herbalist and a naturopath with 30 years of clinical experience and in the last several years has incorporated Physiokey into his practice.

Not only is Rob a respected herbalist he is also a renowned naturopathic medicine educator having lectured at all the Sydney naturopathic Colleges as well as the Universities of Western Sydney and Newcastle.  He currently holds a position of unit coordinator at the University  of New England.  He has also lectured widely in the US, Canada and New Zealand.  Do not be fooled though with these academic achievements because at the end of the day Rob is a grass roots herbalist who still makes a wide variety of topical remedies, herbal extracts and essential oils, he is both the herbal pharmacist and herbal doctor.  Essentially Rob is a Physiomedicalist herbal practitioner, which means he considers the energetics of the remedies and the suitability of herbal remedies for body types and the tissue state of the individual thus you are treated as an individual and not a disease. 

The integration of PhysioKey, which is a hand held neurostimulation device, aids in helping the body's own self regulation processes
​thus aiding in recover from illness.